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Prevention Link, recently completed an interview on the Founder & Owner of SLI., Mrs. LaTrece Hawkins Lytes.
Because the two companies share many similarity related to Diabetes, they have decided to team up together to help people deal with and work through their Diabetes. For more information on Prevention Link and SHINING LYTES INC; working together please stay connected with us. For information regarding the interview of PL & SLI, go to (Nov-Dec 2022).

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At SHINING LYTES INC., We are here to assist you, your family, and friends with all of your needs regarding Diabetes, Organ Donations, and Organ Transplants.
If you need a hand to hold, an ear for listening, guidance in which direction you should go, or even if your just looking for general information please contact us.

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Donations are used to help in the communities of Diabetes and Organ Transplantations (Pancreas). 

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